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We understand buying or selling a property can be an exciting but confusing time.  We hope by explaining the legal process it will enable you to be fully prepared.  We are of course here if you need any further guidance.

Your Guide To Conveyancing

Instruct your solicitor
Purchaser to submit full mortgage application and pay any survey fees.
Solicitors will send instrution forms to both parties, to complete and return asap
Purchasers solictors will request funds for searches etc (optional if not mortgage dependent).
Sellers provide any guarantees or planning permissions to their solicitor.
Draft contracts will be created and sent to purchasers solcitor, enquiries will be raised.
Solicitors will apply for searches, on behalf of purchaser
Unless a cash buyer, mortgage offer will be received by purchasers solicitor. Mortgage paperwork then sent to purchaser to sign & return.
Sellers solicitor will answer enquiries & send back to purchasers solicitor.
Purchasers solicitor will check answers to enquiries & searches, then deal with any legal requirements on your mortgage offer or survey.
Solicitor will report to purchaser on title and request deposit monies & send contracts to sign.
Sellers will receive contracts to sign and return.
Exchange date will be arranged by both parties. This can only happen if deposit monies have been received by purchasers solicitor. Completion date will be fixed on exchange.
Exchange of contracts
Purchasers solicitor will request funds from mortgage lender.
Both parties must pay the balance on their solicitors fees.
Mortgage monies received
Congratulations you have completed